Accurately represents your app's identity: Progression is a workout tracker available on Android. It can be found and installed through the Google Play Store.

What will this app do with user data? Information entered into the application is only stored locally on Android inside a secured internal folder. Crash reporting and analytics submit anonymous information to firebase, this information includes things such as phone manufacturer, android version, crash timestamp and stack-trace - with the goal to help me identify and fix any issues that might arise.

The only user data received is: None.

How does this app enhance user functionality? The application contains built in data and allows users to create their own data. Signing into Google Fit or Google Drive extends the app functionality by synchronizing users finished workouts with Google Fit continiously after a successful sign in. This includes the active & total time-span of a training-session, calories burned, and exercise information such as name and completed sets. Signing into Google Drive allows the application to download data previously stored in its private appDataFolder, and does not permit the application access to anything outside of its own contents. The app is completely usable without signing into any of these services, they are simply extensions of functionality.

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Describe the content, context, or connection to the app: The application mentioned refers to Progression Workout Tracker, an application created by Zoltan Demant. The intention is to give users delightful tools that enhances their workouts, allows them to realize their potential in the gym, and over time extend that mindset to other areas of life.